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Make an Impact on Campus this Semester with a New Magnetyze Case!

Posted on 9/18/2013 by in iPhone 5 iphone 5 case

As a university student (and current intern at BuQu Tech), I have had the privilege of experiencing technological change in the last 10 years. Within my last few years as a college student, I have seen that change up close and personal. And, as a college student, I have seen new technological trends make their way onto campus and was able to see the reactions they cause.

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Check out Magnetyze iPhone5 Cases on Extra TV with Mario Lopez

Posted on 9/6/2013 by in BuQu Tech Magnetyze iPhone 5 buqutech Mario Lopez extra tv iphone5 case iphone 5 case iphone5

The Magnetyze iPhone 5 case will be featured this weekend on Extra TV, the premier entertainment television show. The Magnetyze case is featured as the Extra TV Friends Giveaway and will also be offered as a promotional giveaway on the website. Host Mario Lopez points out that the case not only protects your phone, but also allows you to charge it directly from the case.

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Magnetyze Protective Cases and Chargers Take the Stage at CE Week

Posted on 7/16/2013 by

Magnetyze took center stage at the CE Week event in New York last month. We showcased our brand new iPhone5 cases and Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. These are the newest additions to the Magnetyze collection, following the iPhone 4/4S and Galaxy SIII cases introduced at the end of 2012. All of the Magnetyze cases feature protection and full speed charging via the integrated magnetic connector.

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Show off your personal style with your phone

Posted on 6/21/2013 by in Magnetyze summer outfits phone case phone bumer

The iPhone 4/4S Magnetyze case has protective bumpers available in a variety of colors so you can coordinate your phone with your outfit. Need something to go with that LBD? The black bumper is the way to go! Want to make sure your phone showcases the latest summer colors? The melon bumper will keep you trendy all season long! Feeling cheery? Pop on the lime green bumper!

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Cool Father's Day Gift

Posted on 6/12/2013 by in Magnetyze magnetic charging dad's gifts father's day father's day gifts buqutech

Looking for a cool gift for Dad this Father's Day? Look no further than Magnetyze! Magnetyze is a protective case for your phone that also charges it magnetically. It's the only phone case that offers protection and charging in one design. Once your phone is equipped with the Magnetyze case it works with a family of sleek magnetic chargers for cord-free instant charging. This is guaranteed to help amp up your Dad's cool factor!

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Fun Facts About Magnets

Posted on 6/11/2013 by in Magnets magnet facts Earth magnet opposites attract

Here's a fun summary of some interesting facts about Magnets. Did you know that history claims an early Greek scientist was able to sink ships using magnets? Or that the Earth is actually the largest known magnet? Or how about the healing properties of magnets? Read on for more on the wonderful world of magnets!

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Magnets Help Visualize Pain

Posted on 5/3/2013 by Jeremy Bautista in Magnets doctors pain magnetic resonance imaging

When someone expresses pain, how do we truly know what they're feeling, or if they're faking it? There's no universal scale to judge; we simply just have to take everyone at their word. Magnets, however, are starting to help simplify that process.

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Magnetyze Chargers Reduce E-waste!

Posted on 4/22/2013 by Jeremy Bautista in Earth Day recycling rechargeable batteries cases micro USB mini USB Apple Lightning

Every year, April 22 marks the return of Earth Day, a time when we should do what we can to protect the Earth and treat our planet right. But, shouldn't this happen every day? We at BuquTech believe so!

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Ophir Marish Nominated as Semifinalist Young Entrepreneur of the Year!

Posted on 4/19/2013 by Jeremy Bautista in Ophir Marish Young Entrepreneur of the Year Ernst & Young award

BuquTech’s very own CEO, Ophir Marish, has been named as candidate to win Ernst & Young’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Greater Los Angeles!

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Vote for Magnetyze to win CTIA Award!

Posted on 4/12/2013 by Jeremy Bautista in Magnetyze chargers CTIA

The Magnetyze series are up for another award, this time coming from CTIA - the Wireless Association!

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