Shock absorbent and super convenient

Impact-resistant design guards your phone against accidental drops, shocks and moisture. Magnetic connection lets you charge your phone directly from the case

  • Full speed cordless charging through integrated magnetic connectors 
  • Instant magnetic attachment for easy “grab and go”
  • Saves wear and tear on your phone’s charging port
  • Compatible with a variety of Magnetyze charging accessories

Grab-and-go charging anywhere

The Magnetyze case works with a family of charging bases and accessories for magnetic attachment and charging at the office, at home or in the car. Every accessory provides:

  • Full speed cordless magnetic charging
  • 360 rotation for the perfect viewing angle
  • Grab and go magnetic attachment
  • Apple and Android compatible – everyone in the house can share
  • Future-proof — When you upgrade your phone all you need is a new case, all of your accessories remain compatible