Magnetyze Desk Stand/Charger

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Available in black and white. Includes:

Desk stand

The perfect solution for charging at home or work. Allows hands-free charging and operation of your phone.

Micro USB cable

The connector / power cable between the desk stand and the AC wall adapter.

AC wall adapter

AC adapter plugs into any standard wall outlet to power the desk stand.

Magnetic attachment / detachment

Just hold your phone with the Magnetyze case close to the charging desk stand and it attaches automatically thanks to the power of magnetics.

Grab and go functionality

When you are ready to take your phone, just grab and go – nothing to unplug or disconnect.

360 degree rotation

Swivel your phone to horizontal or vertical position while your phone is charging.

[The case] is attractive and protective, and doesn’t add much bulk. More importantly, the actual charging system works flawlessly…this is definitely the best system we’ve seen yet.
- By iLounge
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