Mobile Battery

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Available in black. Includes:

Mobile Battery

Compact external battery connects magnetically to the back of your Magnetyze phone case. Provides up to double the run time for your phone!

Micro USB cord

Allows the Mobile Battery to recharge your tablet, e-reader and other devices. Also recharges the Mobile Battery from any standard USB port.

Instant backup power for your phone — any time, anywhere.

Super compact 1800mAh battery provides up to 2x the run time for your mobile phone, yet it's small enough to take with you everywhere you go.

Recharges with any Magnetyze charging stand or cable

The Mobile Battery recharges quickly from your existing magnetic charging stand or cable, or use the micro USB cord to recharge from any USB port.

Charges additional devices with micro USB cord

Included micro USB cord recharges the Mobile Battery from any USB port. Also allows you to recharge tablets, e-readers, iPods, handheld games and much more.

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