Case/Desk Charger Bundle for Galaxy S III

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Available in black and white. Includes:

Protective Case

Seamlessly fits over  your Galaxy phone. Integrated case and bumper protect against everyday damage, plus enables your phone to connect to the Magnetyze ecosystem to charge.

Desk Stand

Charge your phone. Magnetic attachment / detachment and 360 degree rotation for easy viewing.

Magnetyze Charging Cable

Charge your phone from any USB power source.

Harness the power of magnetics

Just slide your phone into the Magnetyze case, and you're immediately protected — and connected! You are now ready to charge using the magic of magnetics-based technology.

Take a stand

Allows charging. Magnetic attachment / detachment and 360 degree rotation.

Charge on the go

Magnetic cable connects your phone directly to any USB port without the need for a desk or car stand. Attaches instantly to the back of the Magnetyze case for fast, flexible charging!

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